Angie's List: Should you Hire an Interior Designer?

BRIDGEPORT, W. Va. When it comes time to spruce up the old home, adding new artwork or furniture may be the perfect way to breathe fresh life into your home decor. However, there is so much more you could do to tie it all together.

Courtesy: Angie's List

Interior designers can help take the guess work out of a project by allowing you to see what your new space can look like before any work is even done, just as Joyce Elizabeth Tranchida did for her client.

"We came in as designers and we helped him create this style by creating a 3D model that he could see exactly what it was going to look like when it was complete and he was able to see it in augmented reality."

As trained professions, interior designers are often able to find creative ways to solve any issues by means that are unique to you and your space.

Joyce Elizabeth Tranchida says "we also hired a carpenter to come in and build this beautiful bookshelf behind me to separate the two spaces because, as you can see, it's a very open studio and he wanted to create a space for living a space for sleeping, dining and office and there needs to be some separation but still leave it open."

While hiring an interior designer may be more of a process than simply updating your wall color and some throw pillows, the overall process can be fairly simple and the designers can take away some of the hassle by helping you hire other pros for the bigger home projects for your ideal design.

"I first came into this space to take measurements, to make sure we had all of the accurate measurements before we did these very detailed 3D models. And we worked with the client to come up with a plan for what he wanted for the space. Then from there two of my team members took it away and they created the 3D models based on the measurements I had given to them and then now we've come back in and styled it to be what you see here today. And in that process too, I helped to connect to a painter that did this beautiful distressed wall behind me," says Tranchida.

You would be amazed at what an interior designer can do in your home - and still stay within your budget.

Tranchida says "in the end, our clients are always happy even if their budgets are low or high and we're able to stretch their budget to create a higher-end look even if we're not spending a lot of money.