Angie's List: The Deep Clean Difference

Published: Oct. 26, 2018 at 10:26 AM EDT
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When was the last time you cleaned under your couch or in your cabinets? If you can’t remember, your home is probably overdue for a deep clean. What makes the difference between a standard and a deep clean is today’s Angie’s List Report.

Tabbetha Sells has cleaned houses for six years. On a Standard job she dusts, disinfects, and vacuums.

Occasionally, a client wants more, and that’s when she and her crew get rid of the dust and grime we hardly even know was there.

Tabbetha says “we’ll open the cabinet doors and clean the inside of the cabinet doors and that ledge where stuff collects over time. We clean the inside of all the appliances - refrigerator, oven, and microwave. We clean the baseboards thoroughly and we polish them afterwards.”

“Spring is a great time to consider having your house deeply cleaned, and usually you should be doing that every two to three months, especially if you’re getting ready to sell your house – that’s a time you want to make sure you have it done,” says Angie Hicks.

Cleaning deep means cleaning from top to bottom – literally.

“We do anything up high and it doesn’t matter how high it is, we will clean it – exhaust fans, ceiling fans, vents in the walls,” says Tabbetha.

Most companies charge by the size of the job, not by the hour. Make a list of everything you want done and then agree on a price.

Tabbetha says “you should always require a detailed estimate so that you know what to expect.”

Angie says “on average, our members have reported spending about 230 dollars for a deep clean, and that’s about a hundred dollars more than a standard clean. And if you’re looking to hire a house cleaner for the first time, you shouldn’t be surprised if they recommend a deep cleaning as your first visit.”

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