Animal Friends of Barbour County hosts Kitten Bowl Party

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Animal Friends of Barbour County held a kitten party today to celebrate the 25 kittens that were selected from their shelter to be in the kitten bowl.

The event doubled as a party and adoption event for community members. The party was set with a Hello Kitty themed cake and wrapped good bags for kittens. People could come and meet all the cats at the shelter, with the hopes of them finding their forever homes. The shelter says that the 25 kittens that are going to be in the Kitten Bowl were taken back in October by North Shore and the Hallmark Channel. The kittens will compete in the Kitten Bowl tomorrow at noon on the Hallmark Channel and Animal Friends of Barbour County is going to be highlighted during the show.

"I'm hoping that it'll make awareness of how important it is to spray and neuter your pets. I mean, yes our kittens were chosen, but it'd be nice to have not as many kittens in Barbour County or any county in West Virginia" says Executive Board Volunteer for Animal Friends of Barbour County Kimberly Delauder.

After finding the first 25 kittens their forever homes, North Shore and Hallmark came back a second time and took over 50 more kittens, spraying and neutering them. These kittens will be at the adoption event in Minneapolis tomorrow. But taking all of these kittens from the shelter actually came at a good time.

"March and April and the months following throughout the summer is kitten season and when they come and take the kittens that leaves us empty cages around, so we can have more room and be able to take in casts as people call, 'we found these cats here'" says Cat Caretaker at Animal Friends of Barbour County Sheena Bunner.