Another snow day in Lewis County means it's one day closer to affecting the school calendar

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"We recognized early that it was going to be difficult to get the buses going in a safe condition" says General Supervisor for Lewis County Schools Chris Derico.

Today was the 8th snow day Lewis County Schools have seen this school year, and some kids don't mind it at all.

"Because I get to have snowball fights and I get to make snow angels" says 4th grader Trevor Padgett.

"I like taking the day off, sometimes" says 5th grader Jacob Padgett.

Even though students didn't have to go to school today, their take home snow packets saved them from having to make this day up.

"Snow packets is a way for students to have a day of instruction" says Derico.

"Our principal said that they would help us, that way we don't have extra days at the end of the school years" says 5th grader Ada Foster.

For the first time this school year, Lewis County Schools have added in equivalent time, which exceeds minimum school minutes by at least a half hour. This way, the first five snow days are offset and the schedule isn't affected.

"It's to really help out students and parents on planning. We would like to keep our calendar intact and not have to make adjustments" says Derico.

When asked if he'd prefer more snow days and less summer, or more summer and less snow days, 3rd grader Brody Skinner answered, "Less snow days."

"I like summer better than winter, because I like swimming and because you can do more during the summer" says 5th grader Gabby Padgett.

Between the snow packets and added in school hours, spring break and summer vacation have not been affected yet, but these breaks could be affected if the inclement weather continues.

"We have two more days that we can use through snow packets. After that point in time, we will have to take a look at the school calendar and look at when we can make up some days" says Derico.

But making up some days, can cause an inconvenience for some parents.

"I'm fortunate enough that I have a good backup system. My family's willing to watch her whenever she doesn't have school and stuff like that. But, I know it's hard for some people" says Weston mom Jamie Powers.