App allows those overseas to shop small

(CBS) -- Wan Li begins her workday combing through hundreds of rings, broaches and bracelets at Pippin Antique Jewelry. She's not going to buy anything, but in the next 3 hours, she'll help the New York City store make what it usually does in 3 days.

At 8:30 a.m., it's 7:30 p.m. in Beijing. She settles in at her tripod to take some 18,000 Chinese viewers on a true American shopping experience.

Using smartphones, Wan displays about 75 items one at a time. She responds to live questions from viewers while her assistants upload photos so customers can buy items instantly.

"Through the camera, our customer can also feel the excitement when we see a ring, that 'Oh my God, I want this ring'," she said.

The app is called Shopshops, created by CEO Liyih Wu.

"I personally think live streaming will be the vehicle that change how people shop, where we no longer shop around the area where you're familiar," she said.

Shopshops launched two years ago with two live streams a month. Today, there are 6 or 7 a day from boutiques in New York, LA, Miami and Seattle selling clothes, shoes, makeup…taking a small commission of all sales.

Pippin's owners don't know what Wan Li is saying on the live stream, but they do know she's making them a lot of money.

"After the first one, they said 'People want you, people want you in China! They're asking for Pippin!' We're actually seeing Chinese tourists come in and seem to know who we are," said Pippin Co-owner Stephen Cooper.

At the end of the live stream, all the items have sold, ready to be shipped to their new Chinese customers.