Are teachers and school staff personnel afraid of legal action being taken against them?

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UPSHUR COUNTY, (WDTV) - Thursday marks one week since the start of the teacher strike and it's not over yet.

West Virginia Attorney General, Patrick Morrisey, says that the strike is "unlawful." Teachers and school personnel were directed by the governor and state superintendent of schools to be back in school today, but are teachers afraid that possible legal action could be taken against them? Some say there is power in numbers and that with 55 counties strong, they don't think legal action will be taken against them. Others, though, are a bit more hesitant that this is something that might actually happen to them.

"I believe that we're all a little fearful of that, but I believe that as long as we stand united that we will overcome that and I believe that the more people that there are, that it's going to be harder to do" says Supervisory Aide at Union Elementary.

But what do community members what they think of the attorney general's legal threats against teachers? One woman, who wanted to remain anonymous, says that she understands and supports the fight, nut that it might be time to get students back in the classroom.

"My personal opinion, yes. Something needs to be done because, in all reality, it's hurting the kids. Yes, I understand people want what they want, which I think they deserve to get what they want, but also the same time, these kids are suffering" says Upshur County resident.