Art exhibit aims to break stereotype of assault

(CBS) -- This Belgian art exhibit, "What were you wearing?" hopes to dispel myths surrounding sexual violence. It showcases actual stories of rape victims.Then, recreates outfits they were wearing during the attacks.

"It leaves a big impression to see all these clothes - that it can happen to anyone, anytime, anywhere," says visitor Liesbet Verboven.

Organizers say it's time to stop blaming victims for the way they dress.

Delphine Goossens runs the exhibit and says victims are often asked, "What were you wearing?" during police investigations. She adds: 16% of Belgians believe rape is not problematic if a victim dresses seductively.

This display was inspired by a project last September at the University of Kansas and another at the University of Arkansas in 2014, where student-survivors shared their stories of sex assault. The exhibit has gained global attention in the aftermath of the "Me too" and "Time's up" campaigns.

"You really start to think about a person, about a victim, and also about who committed the crime," visitor Karen Eloot says.

Organizers hope the exhibit puts an end to a question that they say blames survivors and justifies the attack.