Artificial intelligence interviewing job candidates

(CBS) -- The next time you apply for a job, your first interview could be with a computer program like Mya, a fully automated recruiter.

"She instantly engages with the candidate right when they apply," says Eyal Grayevsky.

Grayevsky is the co-creator of Mya, a program designed to help large companies process job applications.

The interview looks like a conversation. Mya interacts with candidates online, asking questions to gauge interest in a position and find out details about their prior experience.
The program uses technology called 'sentiment analysis' to evaluate word choice, grammar and how quickly they respond to questions.

"For example, if we ask about the pay range and someone is hesitant, we can then start to draw correlations between how you responded to the question and whether you're going to retain or perform in the role," Grayevsky says.

More companies are turning to artificial intelligence to automate the recruiting process, like using A.I. to screen resumes in a fraction of the time it would take a human. Tech investor Joe Floyd says the algorithms decide which candidates should move on to in-person interviews.

"By replacing some of the mundane tasks that they would normally have to spend time on so they can spend all their time on the most important tasks, that's really the value of A.I.," Floyd says.

As A.I. technology improves, experts say companies could eventually use it to handle their entire hiring process from start to finish.