At work with Alison: Biafore Landscape Development

Published: Apr. 19, 2018 at 5:50 PM EDT
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Biafore Landscape Development was founded in 1963. The company provides landscape design and master planning services for North Central West Virginia, Maryland, and Pennsylvania.

"Irrigation, lighting, hardscaping, decks, patios...we've even done some apartment modifications," said landscape architect Michael Biafore, president of BLD.

One of their most extensive projects has been at the Pete Dye Golf Club in Bridgeport. Over the past year, Biafore's team has engineered a high-tech front gate, updated the golf cart parking, added a plaza, entertainment space, and bar and installed an artificial chipping green.

"The owner has a real vision and it was really exciting to be part of that," he said.

One particularly interesting project was renovating an old mine shaft on the property. Now, the mine shaft is a historical attraction that sits right on the golf course, where players can take a break and look around or just drive their carts on through.

"The golf course was a working mine, up until about 20 years ago. It was started in the early 1900's as the Pinnickinnick Mine. It was very active as a deep mine until the sixties until that was closed and then surface mining began. So when the surface mining was done, the owner at the time decided this was the perfect opportunity for a golf course."

While working on golf courses is a blast...landscaping is more than just creating fun getaways and beautiful scenery. As the world grows more crowded and more environmentally conscious...there's an increased need for landscaping professionals.

"People are really looking to landscape architects and landscape people to maintain and preserve the environment, to help create buildings and gardens that are energy sensitive," Biafore said.

For Biafore, the best part of his job is getting to see hard work pay off.

"I really enjoy the creative part of it; getting to step back at the end and seeing what you've built, see how it matures over the years, and knowing that you've had a hand in making something."

Interested in working for Biafore Landscape Development? They're looking for people to join their team. Visit to learn more.

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