At work with Alison: Paper Hearts Invitations

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MORGANTOWN, W.Va. (WDTV) - Allison Kotarsky has always had a passion for creativity.

"I always liked to do crafty projects as a kid," she said.

In college, Kotarsky found a love for graphic design. When a friend asked her to design some wedding invitations, Kotarsky knew she'd found her calling. So, she left her 9-5 job to start her own business: Paper Hearts Invitations.

"I decided that this is what I wanted to do full time and I've been doing it ever since."

Although she designs greeting cards and stationary, Kotarsky specializes in custom wedding invitations.

"They come to me with their ideas, we create a vision, and I execute it for them."

One of the most difficult things about her job is helping a bride figure out exactly what they want.

"Trying to weed through their thoughts and understand their vision, when they aren't sure what they want, I think is sometimes the hardest part."

The best thing, she says, is a successful, final product.

Despite living in a world reliant on instant communication, Kotarsky doesn't fear texts or e-Invites driving her out of business.

"Everybody loves that tangible item, it's like sending your guest a gift in the mail."

Kotarsky has a busy year ahead, packed with bridal shows and expos. The designer is also expanding her line to include retail products like tote bags.

Kotarsky encourages anyone interested in starting a similar business or pursuing graphic design to go for it.

"It's a really supportive community; the world of art and graphic design is a really great place to be."