At work with Alison: Weyerhaeuser

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BUCKHANNON, W.Va. (WDTV) - The company was founded in 1900 by Frederick Weyerhaeuser, who purchased 900,000 thousand acres of timberland in Tacoma, Washington. At the time, it was the largest private land transaction in American history.

"We're currently focused on wood products developments (our site is a manufacturing site for that), as well as timberlands holdings across the United States and Canada," said the company's HR manager, Josh Hamilton.

At the plant in Buckhannon, they produce veneer, microlam, and parallam. It is the only plant in the world to produce all three products at the same site.

"The way we can take a log and cut it up into little pieces and glue it back together and make it as strong as it is, to me it's just fascinating," said Mike Strader, who works as a strander operator.

Each piece of engineered lumber starts as timber.

"We process the log into veneer and once the veneer is dried to the right specifications, it gets fed into our microlam and parallam processes," said Hamilton.

He continued, "The process comes from the loose sheets of veneer that gets resined together. Then the press that it processes through it going to provide consistent heat and pressure. Towards the end it is going to be graded to make sure there are no defects. We are then going to start to cut it and trim it to make it into the final product."

Parallam is used for beams and columns, while microlam can be used for anything from window openings to garage door headers to flooring and more.

Over three hundred employees work at the plant, each with a different reason why they love their job.

"I get to be a leader, and the responsibilities of the job, is probably what I like best," said Strader.

Matthew Evix, a safety coordinator at the plant, said, "We're all kind of like a big family. They care about our safety and ensure that everyone goes home safe to their families every day."

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