At work with Alison: figure skating coach

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MORGANTOWN, W.Va. (WDTV) - "Their excitement, their joy when they land something, you start to feel it and you feel like you're the skater learning it all over again."

Figure skating coach and Illinois native Gina Geils took her first strides on the ice when she was just five years old.

"So my mom decided to do private lessons, so I found a coach and the rest is kind of history," she said.

During her time at West Virginia University, Geils was a member of the Mason Dixon Figure Skating Club. After graduation, Geils continued to follow her passion for skating but this time, as a coach.

"I'm extremely grateful for all my coaches and the experiences that I've had, so being able to relive that from a different perspective and pay that forward is a huge opportunity and I'm very grateful," said Geils.

For Geils, the hardest part about coaching was learning to let her skaters fall.

"You can't help but sit back and kind of feel helpless because you know what they've practiced and what they've done and you want them to do well, but it doesn't always got that way," she said.

The best thing? Getting to be with her students every step of the way.

Geils said, "To watch their journey, to be proud of them, and to be there for their successes and to be there when they fall, overall it's just a very rewarding opportunity and you get to learn and grow with your skaters."