At work with Alison: making wine

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WESTON, W.Va. (WDTV) - Lambert's Vintage Wines in Weston started in 1992 after a family hobby grew into a business.

The winery started in 1992.

"This was my mother and father's hobby and it's steadily grown over the years," said J.B. Lambert, who grew up making wine with his parents and now it's his career.

"This is my life; I've made wine since I was 10-years-old with my dad [Jim Lambert]," he said.

The winery consists of a tasting room and kitchen, a reception hall and venue for events, wine making chamber, and fields of fruit trees and vines.

Currently, the Lambert's offer event packages and are looking to expand by adding cabins to the property that customers can book after events like weddings.

Wine-making is a labor and time intensive science that starts...with fruit.

"Keeping the product the exact same from year to year is the hardest issue because mother nature controls everything," J.B. explained.

After the fruit gets mashed up, it goes into a giant vat to ferment for 300 days. Fermentation happens when yeast converts the fruit's sugars to alcohol.

The grapes in the vat have to be stirred 4-5 times a day. The color of the wine isn't a dye, it comes from the skin of the fruit.

Next, the wine gets pressed and transferred to filtering tanks. Finally, the wine is ready to be bottled.

"Bottling; we know it's finished and satisfied with the end result going out onto the market," said J.B.

The tank gets hooked up to a machine that puts the wine in a bottle, corks it, and wraps a label on it. This machine can churn out 2,060 bottles an hour.

For J.B., the greatest thing about his job is making a quality product that his customers enjoy saying, "When they try four or five different varietals and they say 'There's not a one that I don't like,' that's is the paycheck.