At work with Alison: tie-dye artist

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Jennifer Potoczny started her textile design business, Black Dog, in 2009.

"When I first started my business I had three black dogs: Lucy, Jasmine and Snoop Dog. They were my whole life so I named my business 'Black Dog'," said Potoczny.

Her love for tie dye and colorful garments inspired her to turn her passion into a career.

"It's very hard to find tie-dye that's not rainbow colors, so I decided I would make my own that was earth colors," she explained.

Potoczny dyes shirts, leggings, scarves, bags, tapestries, and just about anything else made of cloth. She uses a process called "ice dyeing" to set her designs apart from traditional tie dyed items.

"It looks like watercolors," she said.

She starts by soaking the cloth in soda ash, which helps the dye stick to the fabric.

Then, she folds the fabric and ties it with wax string. Next, she applies powder dyes to right onto the cloth.

After, she sets ice on it and as it melts, the dye soaks into the fabric. Once it gets rinsed out and dries, the piece is ready to be sold.

The earthy tones of Potoczny's designs makes her tie dye more accessible.

"This opens tie-dye up to everyone," she said.

Potoczny says the best part of her job is getting to bring joy to her customers.

"Tie-dye is happy."

If you're interested in purchasing products from Black Dog, check out Potoczny's Facebook Page under the related links tab to the right of your screen.