Augmented reality ads being introduced to Facebook

(CBS) -- Facebook is trying to make the advertisements on your newsfeed more social. The social networking site is introducing ads that allow users to try on everything from a pair of shades to a shade of makeup right on their smartphones.

"The technology that allows Facebook to do this is called augmented reality," says CNET Senior Editor Scott Stein.

Users who click on a Michael Kors ad can use the phone's camera to superimpose sunglasses on their face, and see what different colors would look like. The same can be done with virtual lipstick on this Sephora ad and all of it can be shared on your Facebook page. Stein says that makes it even more attractive to advertisers.

"In a lot of these things where you're trying on sunglasses or changing the way you look, you can also could be taking photos and sharing that which means you're transmitting the ad yourself."

Augmented reality has been used in video games and products that blend the real and digital worlds. Now, retailers are capitalizing on the technology.

From visualizing the inside of an RV to a Lowe's app that lets you see what a grill would look like in your backyard.

"You're going to see a lot more of it because the biggest players in the game not just Facebook but also Google and Apple are investing a lot of money and a lot of time to put augmented reality across the entire phone ecosystem."

Michael Kors was the first to test these ads. Facebook says Sephora and other companies, selling everything from fashion to furniture, will roll out their own interactive ads in the coming months.