Bad road conditions worrying the community

MORGANTOWN, W.Va. (WDTV)-- These roads are leaving many people in the community on edge.

"Our lives are in danger," said local resident, Shaula Merrifield.

Road slips and holes are taking over and even guardrails are gone.

218N between Daybrook and Fairview and Days Run Road are a wreck and residents fear for what might happen in the winter.

"Well good lord. I mean this winter, when the ice gets on the road, you can't stop. You cannot stop and then there's no guardrail, so we're goners," said Merrifield.

Residents also fear the safety of the children, the most precious cargo. A 15 foot drop on 218N is on a school bus route.

Before temporary lights were put in, blowing on your car horn was the only way to stay safe in the blind turns.

"I pray and I turn my caution lights on. That's all we can do. We're scared. We have to go this way, there's no alternate route," said Merrifield.

"These roads have been in this condition since the spring and they're only getting worse. Now, about a 3-foot drop."

The Department of Highways highway administrator, David McCormick, told 5 News in a statement, "These slips are scheduled in priority order and they are trying to work through these as quickly as possible to get these repaired."

"We are forgotten and we are part of Mon County. I wish they would take care of us too," said Merrifield.

Many cones and sections of the guardrails are thrown into the woods.

Now, residents are waiting for the hillside to crumble away.

People say over the years, their roads are becoming a nightmare.

"17 years that I've lived here, I have never seen the roads like this," said Merrifield.