Barbour County man charged with stealing over $2,000 in car parts

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According to the criminal complaint, an officer was served a search warrant because it was suspected that Justin Morgan had stolen the tires and rims that were on his Ford F250 truck.

When the officer arrived on the scene, they checked to see if the suspect was inside of the truck. The officer noticed the tires and rims on the truck met the description of the stolen items.

The officer noticed Morgan exit the house and then go back inside when he spotted the officer. The officer went to the residence where he was met by the defendant’s girlfriend. She said that she didn’t know where Morgan was and gave the officer permission to enter; Morgan was not in the residence.

The officer identified the rims and tires as stolen and obtained a search warrant for the truck. The truck was towed to the Randolph County Sheriff’s impound lot.

The value of the rims and tires was $2,237.00.