Being prepared for disaster

(CBS) -- If a disaster like a hurricane hits your neighborhood, you could be without food, water and power for days so it's critical to always have an emergency supply kit ready.

"Your ability to get water and those kinds of things can be much harder, so having them put away in a space that doesn't get disturbed in your house so that you are ready when the time comes," said Dr.Daniel Sosin from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention says water is first on the list. One gallon per person per day, and at least a three days supply.

"That 3 days' supply also holds for food. Food is stored in sealed containers, easy to prepare, doesn't require a lot of prep."

If you have chronic health conditions, make sure you also have at least a 3 day supply of all medicines… 7 days is better. And of course any medical supplies you might need like syringes and a first aid kit. Other essentials: flashlights, a battery powered radio, extra batteries, any important documents and some cash.

"Do it now while you have time to plan and get that preparedness plan in place."

The CDC also reminds to plan for your animals. A three day supply of food and water for each pet.