What are the benefits of keeping landline phone service?

MORGANTOWN, W.Va (WDTV) - What would you do if you had to call 911 during a power outage and your cell phone's battery was dead?

It's situations like that where some feel still having a landline serves a purpose. Others say they're saving several dollars a month by keeping it out of their home.

"Home phone, I save maybe 50 dollars a month," said Earnest Hart.

Some say it's actually less expensive to include it in the cable and internet package, and it's also good for an emergency.

"It's an individual person's decision," said Sharon Wolfe. "I just like the security of it being there because some people live alone and they may need it."

Wolfe, who is from Monongalia County, hasn't cut ties with the landline For her, it's only a few extra dollars a month.

"It's like 30 dollars a month, but I use it for security reasons," Wolfe added.

Chief Mark Caravasos with the Morgantown Fire Department says having the landline can help emergency crews get to you quicker in the event of an emergency.

"Alarm systems and security systems often tie in and use those lines," Caravasos said. "Cell phones don't always have coverage and times when your battery runs down, your electric's out and you can't charge, With landline services, you have a direct physical address that it's connected to. So if a caller dials in and they can't even speak, the call taker can know where the call's coming from and the address where the call's coming from in order to send help."