Beware of Romance Scam ahead of Valentine's Day

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WESTON, W.Va (WDTV) - You need to watch out for the Romance Scam.

This tricks people into thinking they're in a romantic relationship, where the scammer is really just trying to get money.

"A lot of times these scams will seem too good to be true because they really are -- they're too good to be true," said Weston Police Chief Josh Thomas.

Keep a close eye on your wallet and financial information over the next few days -- especially if you're single or in the market for love. In a world where online dating and meeting people over the internet is at an all-time high --

"If you're into the online dating thing, get to know the person," Thomas said. "It's unusual for them to ask for money relatively quickly."

"Typically it's going to be widowed, elderly people. It could be either male or female. The scammer could be either male or female, and the target could either be male or female."

The best course of action is like any scam. Be extra careful about who you're talking to and try and beware of their tactics and mechanisms. Thomas says there are warning signs.

"The amount of money they're asking for, the reason they're asking for it, and how do they want the money delivered," Thomas said.

Thomas says his department has handled cases similar to the Romance Scam.

"They had stolen the credit card information of someone who lived in Weston and they were making purchases on the internet with that stolen credit card and then and they were sending those purchases to a person they had shown romantic interest in," Thomas said.