Bill sits in front of governor, as deadline looms

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HARRISON COUNTY, W.Va (WDTV) - With a July 1 deadline to avert a government shutdown looming, it's not clear if Governor Jim Justice will sign the budget bill in front of him.

Courtesy: Office of the Governor

Several of the governor's wishes were not included in the $4.225 billion budget passed by the legislature Friday night.

An increase in the consumer sales tax from 6 percent to 6.5 percent, a raise for teachers, and the governor's Save Our State fund were all left out of the proposed budget.

But several people we spoke with say the governor should compromise and sign this bill to keep the lights on in Charleston.

"I think West Virginians are too smart," said Ralph Dillion, who remains confident the state will avoid a shutdown by July 1. "Even the people down [in Charleston], they know, that affects their kids too. They know what they're doing."

Not everyone is on board with that plan, though. While Jerry Robinson doesn't want to see a government shutdown, he says the governor should remain steadfast in his desire to see additional revenue sources in a budget bill.

"They play the game now back and forth, Democrats and Republicans, since January, so I think it's time to say 'Hey, I'm not going to sign this, let's get a bill that's really going to help West Virginia,'" said Robinson, on whether the governor should veto the bill.

Justice could choose to sign the bill, veto it, or let it pass into law without his signature.