Black Friday morning at the Meadowbrook Mall starts slow, becomes busier

As the morning went on crowds became larger at the mall, the parking lot became full and lines were spotted at stores.

Original Story
Big crowds were at the Meadowbrook Mall this morning. But apparently, those shoppers wore themselves out last night.The mall reopened for business this morning and the crowds had died down a little bit.

Employees from a number of stores compared the crowds this morning to those of a typical weekday afternoon. Throughout the morning hours, none of the stores in the mall had any lines to get in. For some of the shoppers though, Black Friday outings have become a tradition.

Some of the shoppers said it was nice shopping today with fewer crowds, and that it was a big reason for some of them to wait and avoid the crowds last night.

Mall officials say they expect a pickup in crowds tonight. The mall is open until 10 pm for your shopping needs and 10 a.m. until 9 p.m. tomorrow.