Black Friday's effects on local restaurants

MONONGALIA COUNTY, W.Va. (WDTV)-- On what is known as the biggest shopping day of the year, restaurants don't get the same holiday revenue boost as retail stores do on Black Friday.

The NPD Group looked into the shopping season for 2018 and found that Black Friday ranked as the 14th best day for restaurants.

Most people have leftovers from the Thanksgiving holiday and don't have a need for restaurant services.

The co-owner of The Grind cafe and coffee shop in Morgantown, Rich Johnson, can attest to these statistics, especially in a college town.

"We have 22 thousand kids here that just leave, so business not just on black friday but for the whole week of what is thanksgiving break in Morgantown, you know business drops significantly," Johnson said.

As a local business in a college town, Johnson said even though less revenue comes in, it's not easy to close on days like this.

"People may think why wouldn't you just close down and take a break but if we do that, a lot of the people who live in town, they start to question whether or not you're open and you do that then you're gonna be in trouble in the summer time," he said

But being open during the holidays is no problem for Johnson.

"We may not make a lot of money but we make a lot of friends."

"And it helps encourage other businesses downtown I think to stay open as well so that we can maybe grow our downtown area into a place where people will want to shop on Black Friday," Johnson said.