Blood drive honors Preston county cancer survivor

ROWLESBURG, W.Va. (WDTV)-- "I feel pretty special..."

Raylynn Bulford, an 11-year-old who was diagnosed with cancer in 2013, was honored today through an American Red Cross blood drive. Bulford is in remission and has received over 14 blood transfusions since her diagnosis.

American Red Cross account manager, Lauren Thomas, says an American Red Cross volunteer who knows Raylynn asked if a blood drive could be done to honor her and her fight.

That's when Thomas sent out a survey and several people said they would donate blood to support Raylynn.

"We kind of jumped on the bandwagon and kind of got everything going," said Thomas. "We had about over 100 people on the interest survey that said 'I would love to come and donate on behalf of this little girl!'"

Thomas says over 60 people donated blood and said there were some people who weren't able to donate but still made a difference just by showing up to the blood drive.

"People that unfortunately have been deferred for different medical reasons," said Thomas. "It's just the fact that they've come out and showed support and just to be here is all that matters."

Thomas also said that the American Red Cross is in critical need of donors and said that people can come out and donate can make a difference for people like Raylynn.

"It's about the blood that is on the shelves that is going to help somebody that needs a blood transfusion," said Thomas. "Anything like that its the blood that is already on the shelves is going to help the patients at the hospitals."

Bulford says she appreciates the support from the community and that she feels thankful and honored.

"It makes me feel really like people want to support me."

For more information on how to donate through the American Red Cross, you can find a link on the right of this page.