UPDATE: Grandfather opens up after his granddaughter was found dismembered in a landfill

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BARTOW COUNTY, Ga. (WDTV) -- UPDATE 10/19/18 12:00 PM
It's been months since Courtney DuBois first went missing.

Forensic Statch artist image of the woman found, and a tattoo on the body (Courtesy: Georgia Bureau of Investigation)

In the weeks since, her family has experienced an anguish that few can imagine - a time of uncertainty, doubt, and more questions than answers.

Saturday, she will finally have a funeral service in Limestone, Maine, where her grandfather and other relatives live.

"My interest is to give Courtney a proper resting place," Silvio DuBois said. "That's what really counts."

Her grandfather sat down with our sister station WAGM in Maine and opened up about the loss of his granddaughter.

There have been no arrests announced in her case, but he said he stays in touch with federal authorities. They told him they have multiple leads.

She was reported missing from Fairmont in mid-August. Local authorities said they're leaving any announcements up to the federal authorities in the multi-jurisdictional investigation.

"To honor the integrity to the best that we can as a department, we're allowing federal authorities to make any announcements," Fairmont Police Chief Steve Shine said. "We don't believe the people involved in the death are imposing any additional harm on anybody in our area."

A spokesperson for the U.S. Attorney's Office for the Northern District of West Virginia declined to comment.

Sylvio DuBois said there are a lot of stories floating around about his daughter. He said the family struggles with knowing what to believe, but is hopefull that investigators will have answers soon.

"I just hope the case doesn't go cold," Sylvio DuBois said. "It's very easy to lose sight of something when it's hundreds of miles away. We can't see what's actually going on."

He said he has been in contact with the FBI regarding the investigation, along with local authorities in Georgia.

"It's always on your mind," he said of the investigation."It just feels like your hands are tied."

He said Courtney was born in North Carolina and moved around the country with her father, who was in the military. She spent nearly four years in Limestone, Maine.

Courtney eventually bounced around between a few cities, Sylvio said, before moving to Fairmont, West Virginia, where her mom lived.

"How her remains ended up in Georgia, we don't know," Sylvio said.

A local funeral home in Maine lists the service beginning at 10 a.m. Saturday. You can leave your condolences for the family on the funeral home's website. You can find that link below on mobile and to the right on desktop.

UPDATE 9/5/18 9:11 PM
The Bartow County Sheriff's Office has confirmed the identity of the remains of a woman whose body was found in Georgia last month.

A press release from the office of Sheriff Clark Millsap says the Georgia Bureau of Investigations Medical Examiner's Office identified the victim as Courtney Nicole Dubois, 20, of West Virginia.

Medical examiners used dental records to confirm Dubois' identity.

Sheriff Millsap released a statement saying, "This is an important step in the investigative process and allows law enforcement to focus specifically on Courtney Dubois from this point and going forward."

The press release also says that more information will be released as new developments happen.

"I've been doing this for almost 35 years and I've never seen anything like this before," Millsap said at a prior press conference. "She was cut into pieces and they packed all the pieces into individual bags and placed them in one dumpster."

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UPDATE 9/4/18 5:17 PM
Officials have yet to confirm that remains of a body believed to be a West Virginia woman was found in Georgia last month.

Georgia news outlets reported earlier that Bartow County Coroner Joel Guyton had told them that the body was of a West Virginia woman. However, Guyton tells 5 News he cannot confirm that information, and that the office was awaiting dental records.

The body was found on August 15, when a contractor was emptying a trash compactor at a landfill. Officials have since released a forensic sketch of the woman and a tattoo on her body in hopes to identify her.

Many believe the body to be Courtney DuBois, who was reported missing in August. A woman, claiming to be DuBois' mother stated that the tattoo was identical to her daughter's.

A woman found dead in Georgia has been reportedly identified as a woman from West Virginia.

According to local media in Atlanta, Bartow County Coroner Joel Guyton confirmed that a body of a woman found dismembered in a landfill was identified as Courtney DuBois, who was reported missing from the Fairmont area. 5 News reached out to Guyton, who said that they are waiting on dental records.

The body was found on August 15. Many believed the woman to be DuBois, who has been missing since August. When officials in Georgia released an image of a tattoo found on the body, a woman claiming to be DuBois' mother said that it was identical to Courtney's.

5 News has reached out to the DuBois family, but have yet to hear back.

Last Thursday, a press release from the Bartow County Sheriff's office addressed the multiple posts about the body being DuBois', stating that they were still working to identify the woman.

On Sunday, a vigil was held by the local community, where neighbors had begun calling the unidentified woman "Angel."

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