Bonding through axe throwing

(CBS) -- It's Friday night and ladies have wine, appetizers, and axes.

At Stumpy's in Eatontown, New Jersey, customers spend two hours in a pen, chucking a freshly sharpened hatchet at a wooden board.

Co-owners Kelly and Stu Josberger opened their "hatchet house" last year, and it's a cutting-edge business. There are a growing number of places across the nation that allow you to throw an axe for fun.

The Josbergers say it's safer than it looks. All customers sign a waiver and go through training.

"Throwing a hatchet is like throwing a ball - you want to step into it, and release right at the bullseye!" Stu says.

Father-daughter duo Ralph and Alexis Avallone say they bonded more at the "hatchet house" than they would have watching a movie, or going out to dinner, and that's why they think axe throwing is definitely going to stick around.