Boston company creates Facebook group to help West Virginians find help with unemployment

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WEST VIRGINIA (WDTV) -- Hundreds of West Virginians have voiced their concern over the unemployment application process. The issue of unemployment extends well past the Mountain State.

The Facebook group is open to anyone who is looking for help with the unemployment process.

"We basically knew how many people were suffering because of what we were reading," said Jack Hannah, chief of staff of SYRG.

He says his staff are not experts in unemployment law, but after seeing that unemployment offices nation-wide were over encumbered by questions and calls, they wanted to help. They had experience creating communities online and used those skills to create Facebook groups where people could help each other answer questions about the unemployment application process.

"We thought 'if folks know how to navigate the system better, maybe they will get their checks faster,'" said Hannah.

They saw the communities begin to expand with people who have been through the unemployment process help others who were struggling.

Hannah says his team visits the groups and help to the best of their ability. They say they began seeing many of the same questions continue to pop-up meaning they would they would be able to build a repository of knowledge to guide people.

"It has been really inspiring to see communities come together" said Rob O'Connor, Senior Marketing Director of SYRG. "There is this really awesome spirit of 'we are in this together.'"

TheWest Virginia Facebook group currently has over 400 members.