Bridgeport City Council talks progress on Indoor Sports and Rec Complex

BRIDGEPORT, W. Va. (WDTV) - Bridgeport city council met for a consecutive night on Tuesday, but this time to discuss the progress on the Indoor Sports and Rec Complex.

During this meeting, no votes were taken and were behind closed doors. The council invited the project's subcontractors. According to Mayor Andy Lang, they'll be working more in-depth on different parts of the complex.

He hopes with the information being discussed during the meeting, they can start finalizing some plans in the fall. He also says they're working with multiple experts and they're also listening to input from its residents.

"Of course we've hired a few consultants, SFA and a few other groups have come in and helped us giving us ideas on what direction we should go. We've got a lot of experts involved in the whole process," said Lang.

The Indoor Sports and Rec Complex is expected to be located along Forrester Boulevard, adjacent to the current outdoor complex.