Bridgeport Police Dept. unveils Canine Outreach Program

HARRISON COUNTY, W.Va (WDTV) -- Going to some of Bridgeport's community events, you may see a new face.

Conner, Bridgeport officer, Jamie Hamrick's golden retriever has become the first member of the Bridgeport Police Department Canine Outreach Program.

The owner says she got the idea after seeing other communities bring their furry friends to public events and interact with the kids.

She then got Conner enrolled into a therapy dog course and says he's now ready to be a positive influence in the area.

She hopes that by bringing him, it will encourage kids in the Bridgeport community to come out and get involved either in physical activity or social gatherings.

She also wants it to be clear that he is in no way a police dog...more of your friendly neighborhood dog.