Bridgeport Youth Wrestling hosts first local tournament

HARRISON COUNTY, W.Va. (WDTV)-- Young athletes from three states gathered in the Bridgeport Mall on Saturday for a wrestling competition.

This was the first tournament held by Bridgeport youth wrestling.

Over 500 athletes participated in the competition.

Children from 4-12 years-old competed to try and place in the championship round.

Shawn Taylor, one of the Bridgeport wrestling youth coaches, said this is an event he hopes kids will be able to take away positive notes from.

"It's important for kids to see this in a space like this so that they know that they can do this at four and work their way up," Taylor said. "By the time they get to middle school and high school, even if they don't keep with it every year, they keep that in the back of their mind," he said.

Coach Taylor also mentioned that they will host two tournaments next year. To find out the latest information on the competitions, or if you have any questions regarding the tournaments, you can visit the Bridgeport Youth Wrestling Facebook page.