Bridgeport creates online GIS mapping tools for residents

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HARRISON COUNTY, W.Va (WDTV) - GIS, or geographic information systems, is a form of mapping Bridgeport has used to keep track of city utilities. However, Engineering Technician Tim Bumgardner has taken the mapping a step further and created an interactive mapping system all residents can now use.

"It's a website you can go to that has a bunch of interactive web applications such as floodplain mapping," said Bumgardner. "There is zoning information and incentive zones so businesses can come in and look to see how they can qualify for an incentive."

Residents can use the maps to find where Bridgeport's city limits are, if where they want to build is within a floodplain, and the newest addition: where their polling place is.

"We had a lot of calls at our City Clerk office of residents wondering 'Hey where do I vote? Where is my polling location at?'. So that kind of inspired doing that. So now they can get on that website and type in their address and find exactly where they go."

Bumgardner has been working on the open data portal for about a month and says more is still to come. One function up and running for residents is the ability to create their own maps and store data.

"A normal resident coming in will be able to go to the web map and play around and create their own map utilizing our data. They can go in to add data and search for what they need. They can search in our GIS online, and there are many data sets they can pull throughout the state."

Residents can find the GIS Mapping Portal here: