Bridgeport police change procedures amid Coronavirus pandemic

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HARRISON COUNTY, W.Va (WDTV) -- The line of duty does not rest, but neither does the Coronavirus. Local agencies are changing their policies in response to the pandemic.

Officers will continue to develop and implement new procedures as the virus continues to develop.

"We are continuously getting information from the health department, the CDC, our local hospital and we are trying to follow their guidelines as closely as possible," said Chief John Walker of the Bridgeport Police Department.

Chief Walker changed the way his officers respond.

"We are taking a look at our traffic stops and trying to limit those as much as possible. If we see a serious violation, we will deal with it, but a minor violation like expired registrations, right now, we are not taking a close look at," said Chief Walker.

Police are also shifting their focus. Reports of assaults and theft nationwide during panic-buying sprees prompt Bridgeport police to keep a closer eye on stores.

On-duty officers will also take extra precautionary measures.

"In some cases we are wearing protective gear like rubber gloves and things of that nature. Guys are sanitizing their equipment throughout the day if they have to make contact with someone," said Chief Walker.

Officers will now sanitize their vehicles every time they drive someone.

The municipal building is closed to the public to protect both the police department and the city offices, but you can still reach the department online or by phone.