Broadband towers bring coverage to the most rural communities

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RANDOLPH COUNTY, W.Va (WDTV) -- The $3-million Community Connect Grant is entering into its final construction.

The microwave towers are constructed of multiple 30-foot segments and stand over 100-feet high.

The focus of the grant is bringing internet connectivity to the rural communities of West Virginia.

Microwave towers are what provide the service. So far, there have been three built in Randolph County and more are expected to come.

"(...) the south side of Beverly, close to Colonial Mill Works, in that region. We have one that will be going up in Cassidy West Virginia, and then one that will be going up in Ellamore," said Robbie Morris, the executive director of the Randolph County Development Authority.

So far the towers have been constructed in Dailey, on Rich Mountain and in Mabie.

All of these towers originated from the Micrologic facility in Buckhannon.

Here, thirty-foot pieces are bolted together and transported to the sites.

Though the towers are constructed quickly, many residents aren't as quick to change internet providers.

5 News spoke with residents of Dailey, and most still had service through Frontier Communications. Only Micrologic subscribers will be able to take advantage of the towers.

"You have to subscribe, it doesn't just broadcast wi-fi or anything of that nature. It is a fixed wireless internet service so you have to have a receiver in your home and a router in order to get the service," said Morris.

The grant will provide upgrades to three existing towers and construct 26 more across Barbour, Randolph and Upshur counties.