UPDATE: W.Va Fire Marshals find new information in suspicious fire in Upshur county

UPSHUR COUNTY, W.Va. (WDTV)-- UPDATE 9/12/19 @ 9:30 a.m.
The West Virginia Fire Marshal's office is asking for help as they investigate the recent arson in Buckhannon.

West Virginia State Fire Marshals found new information on the fire on Spruce Fork Road. (Courtesy: West Virginia State Fire Marshals)

According to a press release from the West Virginia Fire Marshal's office, the incident happened on Aug. 30 in the evening at a home on 805 Spruce Fork Road. The home was damaged by the fire and is believed to be a result of arson.

Video surveillance shows two males and one female in a white van on the property when the fire started.

Anyone that has any information is urged to call the West Virginia Fire Marshal Arson Hotline at 800-233-FIRE (3473).

"There's a lot more fires in West Virginia that are arson than people understand."

In August, the Buckhannon Fire Department responded to 10 separate fires, three of them are confirmed to be suspicious. One on Old Elkins Road, one on Wentz Ford Road and one on Spruce Fork Road.

Buckhannon Fire Chief, J.B. Kimble says that two of the suspicious fires are still under investigation, a cabin on Wentz Ford Road and a home on Spruce Fork Road.

"A lot of times, people break into a cabin that's remote, take what's in it and they light the building on fire to cover their tracks," said Kimble.

Kimble says that suspicious fires make up a certain percentage of the fires they respond to due to theft.

"There's a lot of theft in the remote areas like the cabins and old houses," said Kimble. "Like I said, when people do that, they don't want to leave any tracks and they'll burn the house down."

Kimble confirmed that one man is in custody after admitting to the fire on the Old Elkins Road but investigators are still looking into the other fires and what they think might have caused them.

"The cabin, there may be a few people on that one," said Kimble. "The most recent one on Spruce Fork is still under investigation. The State Fire Marshal's office and the Upshur county Sheriff's department and our department are working together to try to get a conviction on that."

Kimble urges anyone with any information on the suspicious fires to contact the Buckhannon Fire Department or the State Fire Marshal's office.