Buckhannon community demanding fix for Rt. 33 intersection

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UPSHUR COUNTY, W.Va (WDTV) - Rt. 33 in Upshur County has been the site of multiple accidents; two of them being fatal within the last two months.

In April, a car crash took the life of a Buckhannon city official, and prompted the mayor to look for ways to make their intersections safer.

"Seven weeks ago I wrote a letter to Byrd White, the new deputy cabinet member, about our continued issues on Rt. 33," said Mayor Dave McCauley. "And that was in the wake of us losing our Assistant City Attorney, and my old law partner Matt Hymes."

Mayor McCauley's letter went unanswered up until this past weekend, when another accident at the Kesling Mill and Rt. 33 intersection killed one person and injured three others.

"It was a horrendous accident," said Brenda Lilly. "There were a lot of folks who had been ejected, and I just don't know how many more deaths it's going to take until they do something with the road down there."

Lilly, who owns Highland Nursery at the intersection, says her and her employees call 911 several times a month to report accidents in the area. She is asking now as an employer, and a grandmother, that something be done.

"You don't have to be a rocket scientist to know that you need a light. You need something there so traffic will stop and people can safely cross."

Following the latest accident, Mayor McCauley has spoken with the DOH, who says they are looking into the intersection and will make recommendations on how to improve it. Until then, officals urge everyone to be careful.

"We know that no one is driving through there going 65mph," said McCauley. "People are going 75mph and more, and it just takes a second with a car going that speed to be right on top of you."

Officials have not been given a timeline of when the DOH's report will be completed, but anticipate it within the coming months.