Buckhannon officials reject payment for the city fire dept.

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BUCKHANNON, W.Va. (WDTV) -- Buckhannon city officials reject a $15,000 payment from the Upshur County Commission.

Officials say the payment was tied to a resolution that referenced the First Fire Service Area.

The resolution referenced the fact that the $15,000 would be paid to the First Service Due Area, which implies a potential fee for Buckhannon residents.

Buckhannon's city recorder, Randy Sanders, says officials were "not comfortable" with the wording of the resolution.

"It all came down to just the wording in the resolution," says Sanders.

"We would really love to work with the county commission as often as possible, but we just have to careful to protect the interest of our first-responders and the city's interest financially moving forward."

Sanders says the Upshur County Commission has funded the city fire department in the past without the resolution's restrictions. 

"Just because we received that resolution, and looked at that wording, the city was just simply uncomfortable with accepting the wording," says Sanders.