Buckhannon residents weigh in on their city

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UPSHUR COUNTY, W.Va. (WDTV) -- Over 700 Buckhannon residents voiced their opinions on the city's present and future.

Surveys were distributed both digitally and in hard copy forms.

The survey, conducted by the Buckhannon Planning Commission, are a part of preparation for the city's 2025 comprehensive plan.

"The good news is, is that among the nearly eight-hundred folks that responded to the surveys, which is twice as many as we had ten years ago. They are generally content with the way things are going in Buckhannon. They like the arts and they like the youth center and they like the river trail extensions and those kinds of things," said Buckhannon Mayor David McCauley.

But not everyone in the town participated, so 5 News asked Buckhannon residents what they thought of their city.

"I love Buckhannon. It has definitely improved over the years, we have a lot more to do and, I mean, everything is pretty much filled up on Main Street," said Shelby Daugherty, a Buckhannon resident.

"It's really a progressive city. A lot of towns around us are kind of in some decay. But Buckhannon is really moving forward," said Robert Cottrell, a Buckhannon resident.

When asked what their favorite part of the city was, Daugherty said the flowers.

"I really like the way they brighten up the town and a lot of people from out of state talk about the," said Daugherty.

But it is not just the flowers that drew people in. Everyone that 5 News spoke with said they loved the city.

"I love it up here. My wife loves it up here. Like I said, it's a beautiful town, I like it up here alot," said Timothy Petitto, a Buckhannon resident.

The survey also provided a glimpse at where residents found the town to be lacking.

"I think employment would be the singular area that we can do better at. Not, probably, any different from any other community in West Virginia. It's all about creating jobs," said Mayor McCauley.