Buckhannon tackles litter problem with river clean-up

UPSHUR COUNTY, W. Va. (WDTV) - Matthew Kerner, the executive director of local non-profit Opportunity House in Buckhannon, organized a river clean up in response to feedback he was seeing from the community.

"I've seen people on social media complaining about it, and we just decided rather than being some of the people who complain about it we were gonna try to do something about it," Kerner said

Kerner says Buckhannon has worked hard to become a thriving community but that the river is a neglected resource.

"Just driving down main street you can see a huge difference between Buckhannon and a lot of surrounding communities," said Kerner "And one of our most valuable resources is the river,"

Kerner believes the river is an opportunity for recreation in the community- but only if it's clean.

"Nobody wants to swim in a river full of garbage, nobody wants to fish in a river full of garbage, nobody wants to hang out or go kayaking in a river full of garbage,"

While litter is a problem for the city, Kerner says the issue seems to improve year after year.

"Over the years it, thankfully, becomes less and less and less,"

As for those who don't want to get their hands dirty, Kerner has two pieces of advice,"

"One, just throw away your trash properly like a responsible adult," "And two, if you're not willing to do something about it quit complaining about it,"