Business fears for its future if parking is taken away

MONONGALIA, W.Va. (WDTV)-- "It will destroy our business, it will absolutely crush our business."

A local business fears for its future after Morgantown city council votes to make second street a one way which will effect parking on University avenue.

Morgantown city council recently voted to change second street to become a one-way towards university avenue. Now, a business is concerned saying the city might take away their parking and replace it with meters that aren't designated for the business.

"That parking worked in that place effectively for 70 plus years," said C.E.O of Appalachian Cannabis Company, Chris Yeager.

Yeager says that he has been battling with some of the city's departments over his parking and signage in the past and says that the situation is emotionally and financially draining.

Yeager says that a lot their customers consist of older people who have mobility problems. Without the close parking, they worry their customers won't be able to come to the store.

"It's heartbreaking to see some of these people they can barely even get out of there cars to get to our door," said Yeager. "There's been times I'll be honest with you, we've come out of a store to talk to people so they didn't have to get out of their car."

Store Manager, Megan Baxter says that if the parking is taken out, the business will lose the customers that need the most help with their pain.

"A lot of them are in pain so if they are forced to find parking that isn't necessarily close, it can be very difficult for them to make the trip here," said Baxter.

City Engineer, Damien Davis says that the parking is a safety hazard and that they are trying to find a solution.

"The parking from our point is a safety hazard," said Davis. "We're trying to work with this business to keep them there because were not against the business itself, we're trying to work with them."

Yeager hopes that the city will come up with a solution that will benefit the community and the business that he has worked hard on.

"We dumped our hearts, our soul and our money to beautify that business and breed a new life into that business and that community."