CWA strike continues; workers hope momentum behind teachers helps them

BRIDGEPORT, W. Va. (WDTV)- After several days of a teacher work stoppage, a resolution was found. That's giving some hope to CWA union members working for Frontier.

Despite the cold temperatures workers in several locations are trying to raise support. The CWA is hoping to keep jobs local. They hope the momentum that followed the teachers, could continue for them.

"The teacher strike has brought working class people together to fight for a cause, so that's what we are fighting for, good middle-class jobs to stay in West Virginia," said Fred Satoris, CWA union member

Andy Malinoski, a spokesperson for Frontier, said these two situations are completely different

"The position we are talking about have an average salary of $64,500 a year, with more than half of them earning more than $75,000 or above. They have family health care coverage of $150 a month with no deductible. It's just a very different scenario, " said Malinoski.

Like the teachers and other service personnel, CWA workers say it's more than the money and healthcare. They hope to see the same support.

Frontier representatives say they hope to continue talks to end the strike.