Campers learn more about STEM

Published: Jun. 22, 2018 at 6:26 PM EDT
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When you think of summer camps, you think of going to the pool, doing outdoor activities and making lifelong friends. Nearly 200 campers are doing that but also learning more about the importance of Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math at the West Virginia 4-H Older Members Conference

Campers got into groups on Friday morning at WVU's Jackson's Mill. Each group discussed with their team members how STEM can benefit the state. Some of them said technology and arts are so important nowadays. They also feel that in their home counties, schools and programs should emphasize on STEM more.

Some of the ideas they came up with was providing transportation where is needed and getting the right resources to teach kids about these fields. Some thought of ways to start after-school programs, or helping with STEM clubs at their schools.

"These kinds of activities help with critical thinking and also leadership which is phenomenal to have anywhere in this state," said camper Kevin Grega.

"It gives kids the opportunity to both learn and have fun while they're learning," said Emily Coffman, also a camper.

The camp also offers STEM workshops to help ignite an interest in these fields.

"In the STEM track, they do coding, they're looking into programming those through different tasks and we have some non-traditional activities as well," said David Hartley, 4-H Development Director.

Also, Mylan representatives talked to campers. They say they want to get input from the young generation.

"To get their input on this STEM Care program should look like, what the elements will be in order for us to deliver the objectives of the program," said Leah Summers, Head of Community Outreach for Mylan.