Canaan Valley Resort kicks off ski season despite warmer temperatures

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TUCKER COUNTY, W.Va. (WDTV)-- "Starting next week, we're going to be filled up. It's going to be very busy and with the way the weather's shaping up, it's going to be an excellent time to come skiing" says General Manager of Canaan Valley Resort Steve Drumheller.

Canaan Valley is ready for another busy season of skiing and snowboarding. Not even today's warmer temperatures and rain can't stop that.

"We're out here to have fun, so a little water falling from the sky isn't going to stop that" says Ellicott City, MD resident Danny Hosseini.

General Manager Drumheller says, "We set a record. We had our best opening weekend. And I'm saying set a record, the best in 4 years."

The colder weather that we felt a week ago helped set that record, but General Manager Steve Drumheller says that the lack of snow isn't so bad.

"Snow we make is better than what falls from the sky, because the snow we make, we can control it" says Drumheller.

Being able to control the snow, that's important for making good conditions, especially for beginners.

"It was my first time skiing so figured we would come out and trails are pretty good, they work and I'm having a blast" says Vienna, VA resident Tommy Williams.

General Manager Drumheller tells me that they plan on making snow for the next 7 days, if not longer. This way they can open up more trails.

"We're up to 16 trails open right now, we're anticipating opening anywhere from 2 to 6 more next week" says Drumheller.

While Canaan Valley is trying to open up more of the mountain, skiers are just happy they have a local mountain.

"This year we wanted to stay a little local so we just came down here. It was a little 3 hour drive, I'm really excited though because we all like skiing a lot" says Vienna, VA resident Bobby Williams.

Of course skiing and snowboarding are the main attractions, but Canaan Valley reminds us that those aren't the only things to do.

"If you want to come with non-skiers, we have an ice rink, we have a tube park, we have cross country skiing, we have snowshoeing.

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