Car industry facing a nationwide shortage of auto technicians

Published: Apr. 5, 2018 at 1:59 PM EDT
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It's a race, but the cars never move at the National Automotive Technology competition in New York-with 60 high school students from across the country competing for the top prize.

There's a two-person team representing each region.They have 3 hours to diagnose 15 issues with a car that's preventing it from starting.

"They all are bugged with the same problems," says Mark Schienberg.

Schienberg is the president of the Greater New York Auto Dealers Association and says the competition was started to help with the nationwide shortage of auto techs. The industry needs tens of thousands of trained workers to fix today's high tech cars.

"We used to call them grease monkeys, they really aren't anymore, there's more computer systems in a car today than in the spaceship that landed on the moon," he says.

The team from Pennsylvania won this year's championship.

"One of the best moments of my life," says Andrew Stuart.

He and Evan Sennefelder were able to fix their car the fastest.

"When did you know this was the industry you wanted to be part of," asked CBS News' Kenneth Craig.

"Actually a couple of years ago I just started tinkering on cars and stuff and after that, I just fell in love with it," Sennefelder answered.

They both take home free tools and technical school scholarship money to help launch their careers in the auto industry.

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