Caroline's Carts help everyone shop safely

Published: Jul. 4, 2019 at 4:55 PM EDT
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Picking a cart at the grocery store is something you often don't think twice about, but for JoJo O'Connor Hunt it's a matter of her and her daughter's safety.

Hunt's daughter Cheyenne deals with a condition causing seizures that can happen any time and place-

"This girl can have a seizure on the drop of a dime,"

When grocery shopping Hunt often had to balance a shopping cart and a wheelchair all at once.

"Trying to put her in a wheelchair, and push a cart at the same time, that's hard,"

After a scary situation shopping, Hunt posted to a Fairmont Community Facebook page about bringing Caroline's Carts to her local Walmart

"Once I got home that night, I put a post up saying if Walmart had Caroline Carts, I wouldn't have had to worry,"

Megan Little, a department manager for the store, saw the post and started the work to make Hunt's wish come true.

"I said, let me see if I can get ahold of someone who can help, and that's what I did,"

Working with assistant store manager Jessica Caloccia in just a few months they were able to get their first Caroline cart.

Little reached out to hunt to give her the good news

"She was actually gonna shop that night when I told her we had got them in, so I was excited for her,"

Hunt says since she posted about the carts on Facebook, there's been a lot of positive response from the community.

"So may people since I put that post up have been like "Oh my gosh yes this is great, I've seen them here I've seen them there, this would really benefit my family member," Hunt said "It's just amazing the outpouring of support,"

Now, Hunt's shopping experience has less stress and more smiles.