Celebrating Memorial Day amid the pandemic

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BUCKHANNON, W.Va. (WDTV) -- North central West Virginians will celebrate Memorial Day, but with new coronavirus cases being reported everyday, many are using caution.

"We need to follow Governor Justice's guidelines. Smaller groups would be better. I'm doing a cook out at my house for my three daughters and my grand-kids. The little ones all like hot dogs, but I'm thinking ribs," says Buckhannon's Mayor, David McCauley.

Some folks don't need to rearrange their plans because they traditionally celebrate in small groups.

"I've got two friends... we get together, and play board games, and share food," says Buckhannon resident Elissa Linger Mills.

The consensus on gatherings among locals seems to be the same.

"This week and this time this year is not the time to do all these great big things. Take it easy; take it slow, by the end of the summer, maybe things will get back to normal," says Buckhannon local Rose Clutter.

"I still think it's too early because everyday we read of one or two new cases in smaller areas, but in larger areas, there are larger numbers of cases, so again until we can learn everything we need to know about this virus, leaning on the side of caution is probably the best bet," says Linger Mills.

There are other ways to privately honor our fallen heroes.

"Fly your American flag. If you have an American flag pin wear it. Wear red, white, and blue. Make sure that any veterans who live close to you, any veterans you know, especially the older veterans - make sure that they have everything they need and that you're thinking of them," adds Linger Mills.