Child Advocacy Center offers help for victims of sexual abuse

MONONGALIA COUNTY, W.Va (WDTV) - There is help available for those children who are victims of sexual abuse. MomsEveryday host Melissa Robbins tells us more about the therapy groups at the Mon County Child Advocacy Center.

Melissa: You may have seen the MeToo campaign on Facebook or across social media. I am someone that actually partook in the campaign not knowing where it actually stemmed from. I'm here with Marrissa Russell at the Mon County Child Advocacy Center. Marrissa...this campaign actually started with a child.

Marrissa: It did. It started with a child named Heaven who disclosed her child abuse at the hands of her stepfather to a camp worker at a summer camp.

Melissa: So you guys are kind of helping with this campaign. You've been doing it for a long time. You meet on Thursdays?

Marrissa: Yeah we do. We certainly see the power of this campaign in terms of survivors seeing one another and knowing that they are not alone. Every Thursday we welcome children to our childrens' therapy group as well as high school aged children to our teen group and non-offending caregivers who have a child who has a child that has experienced something like this. We see the power of that each week. Knowing that they're not alone. Knowing that's it's not something internal to them that made this happen to them. It's a societal problem. It's a public health issue and we all have to stand together to tackle it.

Melissa: Absolutely. I know the power for me in talking to friends...talking to other people...whether...any of our experiences...I think sometimes people get really caught up in..."Mine's not as bad as other people's". So I think it's really important to create these groups and I'm so appreciative of what you guys are doing. This is open to anyone, right?

Marrissa: Yes. This is open to the public. We do have a process just to make sure we're prepared to support those individuals. We ask that you just give us a call beforehand. It's open to all and it is free.

Melissa: Okay. And what is the phone number here?

Marrissa: The phone number is 304-598-0344.

Melissa: Perfect. Thank you so much for everything you're doing.

Marrissa: Yeah...thank you!

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