Churches seek drive-in services as an alternative due to COVID-19

HARRISON COUNTY, W.Va. (WDTV)-- Churches have been creating alternative services due to COVID-19.

From online streaming to closing their doors completely, many walks of faith have tried to figure out the best way to come together while taking precautions.

"Everything's closed down. It's unreal," the pastor of LifeWay Bible Fellowship, Tom Horne said. "I'm a 72-year-old man and it's the first time I've ever seen things happening like they are happening today," he said.

Now as people continue to adapt to the current situation, churches have begun gathering again while still keeping social distancing tactics in place and creating drive-in services.

LifeWay held a drive-in service at the Evengel Baptist Church to hear Horne's new weekly message.

Everyone watched the pastor from their vehicles and did everything they normally do during services, just from a safe distance.

"I know we have television, we have Facebook, but there's something about having fellowship," Horne said.

Many people agree with Horne and were glad to be in attendance.

"I enjoyed it, I'm glad they came up with it because otherwise, I don't know if we'd be going to a service,"

"Getting out like this is absolutely perfect. The best thing to do. The sun is out, everybody's here, it is great," said Harrison County local, Barbara Reed.

Barbara's husband, Stephen Reed Sr. agreed.

"I miss the closeness of the church, and the people, but I guess this is like a substitute for the time being until all of this is over with," he said.

Horne says even though churches are facing challenges, services can still happen.

"The church is mobile, it's not in a building, it's in the believers."

Whether or not these services will be available in the coming weeks will depend on the status of COVID-19.