"Cinderella Project" helps make dreams come true

MARION COUNTY, W. Va. (WDTV) - Debbie Markley, the resale store manager for West Virginia Caring, is one of the fairy godmother's that makes the wishes of girls across the area come true through 'The Cinderella Project'.

And while the non-profit is known for its hospice care, they are also involved with the entire community- especially through their resale store-a sort of thrift shop that helps fund their patient care program.

“The resale shop is an outreach program that West Virginia Caring uses,” said Markley “everything here is donated and all the proceeds that we get go right back in the help out patients care program,”

Through 'The Cinderella Project' the store both to raises fund and provides beautiful prom dresses at an affordable price.

“This is twofold, through proceeds and also it helps all these young ladies get a chance to go to prom in style,” said Markley

Girls can also have their hair and make up done- something some girls may not have been able to afford otherwise

“They have an opportunity to get their hair done, their make up done, it’s a great thing all the way around,” said Markley

And while having the perfect prom dress may seem trivial, Markley says it makes an emotional impact.

"It gives them self confidence, it makes them feel pretty, it makes them feel self-assured, and you can see it by the smiles on their face,”

And having the dream dress for their prom night is something that will stay with them forever.

“It’s something their always going to remember,”

'The Cinderella Project' is also going on at the West Virginia Caring resale shop in Reedsville, located in Preston county.