City council approves licensing agreement for water pipeline

"MONONGALIA COUNTY",W.Va (WDTV) -- The council has finally voted on an agreement with the the Municipal Utility Board and granted them a licensing agreement for the project.

"Well we've finally come up with a successful solution," said City Mayor, Bill Kawecki.

Since back in April of this year, the topic of the water pipeline has been up for debate with the council as the problem came from the location for construction.

"The idea of the route is was gonna take through White Park was the problem, MUB thought they had free reign to move through it the way they thought best and discovered that it really wasn't their property," said Mayor Kawecki.

But the Municipal Utility Board worked with the council and found a solution for both parties.

"Part of this licensing agreement, it allowed MUB to construct the line but in consideration to the disruption of this natural area that MUB is agreeable to funding...paying for the construction of a trail," said City Manager, Paul Brake.

This trail will be a hiking trail that will move with the natural land of White Park and not disturb it.

A few residents were at the meeting to show their support for the water pipeline, including Morgantown resident, Jack Taylor

"I was very much for the water pipeline after the situation in Charleston where they had 300 to 1,000 people out of water for close to a month because they only had one source and Morgantown definitely needed another source of water," said Taylor.

All that's left to do now is sign the license and leave the rest to the utility board

"Once the license is signed were in the process of that and just simply turning it back over to MUB for them to begin construction and that can happen probably sometime in January," said Mayor Kawecki.