City council plans to fix unsafe bridge

Weston, W.Va. (WDTV)-- "Everyday I walk across that bridge and I'm like "what day is it going to give?"

The Polk Creek Bridge is in the planning stage of being redone after Weston city council said that the conditions of the bridge need to change.

"Number one it's a safety issue for people walking and pedestrian traffic and number two its an eyesore."

Several people who use the bridge every day say the sidewalks are in bad shape and that it is dangerous for anyone to cross.

"We will play pokemon go and we will drive across, walk across, either way we have to get to the poke stops... we need it to be fixed as soon as possible."

City council member, Randy Bohan, says the cost of fixing the bridge is $600,000. He says the city will help pay 20% of the cost to help fix the structure while Bohan says federal money will also help pay.

Bohen says that council and the DOH are hoping to start the project next Spring but says there needs to be a detour for those who live around the area.

"Definitely going to have to be a pedestrian bridge put in," said Bohan. "There are hundreds of people that cross that daily to school and work."

Bohen says that the bridge will hopefully go out on a bid for contractors soon and is happy something is being done to help keep the community safe.

"Everything you can do to improve the neighborhood it improves everyone's morale," said Bohan. "It improves the whole outlook of the city moving forward."